About Pinette PEI.

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Pinette Emidecau Industries, also named Pinette PEI. is an industrial engineering group that designs and supplies forming and testing equipment, automated production lines, custom engineered machines and turnkey plants for the world largest industrial groups including the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors.

For more than 150 years, Pinette PEI.'s success has been driven by a technically skilled workforce and a business development strategy based on innovation, cooperation and global services. 


Pinette PEI. is a leading manufacturer of plastics and composites forming systems - from single presses to automated forming lines - and laboratory equipment. The company has delivered more than 2,500 units in all countries. Designer, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic presses for SMC, GMT, LFT, RTM from 100 to 40,000 kN and automated thermocompression lines for PEEK, PEI, PPS, epoxy (3D stamping, consolidation, hot forming), Pinette PEI is also able to manage full plant engineering worldwide.



For over 30 years, Pinette PEI. has been developing and supplying customized test benches of large dimension. We design and deliver Non Destructive Testing (NDT) test benches using sound technology for the composites industry. On the other hand in the Oil and Gas industry, Pinette PEI. is one of the leading manufacturers of combined load frames for premium connection applications.



As an innovative engineering company, Pinette PEI. also designs and manufactures advanced customized equipment for specific applications such as heavy equipment handling, assembly of large-volume structures, crimping and waste separation…Whatever your project is, Pinette PEI has the right solution to meet your specific needs.



Our customer and technical service strategy creates the difference. We feel we are responsible for your entire production process. This is why for each business Pinette PEI. takes care of project management from design to turnkey delivery. We provide preventive or corrective maintenance, upgrade retrofit and many other services. 


Facts & Figures

Established 1863
CEO & President        
Jérôme Hubert 
Type of Business SAS (Limited Liability Company) family-owned
Workforce 170 associates
EUR 40 million

ISO 9001 V2008
CSR: Ecovadis Gold