Industrial engineering and manufacturing skills


Since 1863, PINETTE PEI.'s technically skilled workforce has pushed forward the boundaries of the company. Our teams share a passion for industrial engineering and a spirit of innovation that drives us to excellence. Discover the scope of their expertise:


pinette - r&d expert

I am the R&D expert

I design and implement innovative solutions to optimize equipment efficiency and to anticipate the needs of our customers. To support my work, I rely on an internal team of experts, an extensive network of R&D centers as well as academic and industrial partnerships.




pinette - salesman

I am the salesman

I meet with customers, review their requirements and prepare customized commercial offers for their approval. 






pinette pei engineering project manager

I am the project manager 

I manage the whole project from design to turn-key delivery. I have the overall responsibility for the successful planning and execution of a project.






pinette pei design engineer

I am the design engineer 

While meeting the requirements, I design the machine and the complete process that best meets our customer's needs.






pinette pei hydraulics engineer

I am the hydraulics expert 

I design, adjust and maintain automated equipment (hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, fluid transfer assemblies...).






pinette pei energy expert

I am the energy expert 

I focus on environmental issues and design solutions to improve energy efficiency.






pinette pei industrial buyerI am the buyer 

I negotiate the purchase of products and services from our global supply chain. 





pinette pei industrial integrator

I am the integrator 

I combine the skills of assembler, mechanic, electrician, and software programmer to set up and commission the automated machinery.






pinette pei assembler

I am the assembler 

I build and fine tune machine and equipment at our workshop for the try-out, then reassemble machine on the customer's premises.





pinette pei industrial machinist

I am the machinist 

From manual machining (lathes and grinders) I also program and run automatic machine tools which continuously evolve.






pinette pei field techicians and after sales service

I am the field technician 

I assist and help our clients to maximize the performance of their industrial installation. My services include:

online support, on-site support, repair, training and equipment retrofit, refurbishment, upgrade and preventive maintenance