Compression molding press for rubber & composites curing

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Pinette PEI. as a global supplier of large scale hydraulic press systems and production lines, offer its customers a complete range of polymerization press equipment.

Curing press for composite applications

Pinette PEI.'s polymerization press technology allows molding and polymerization of highly technical parts, using composites material such pre-impregnated fiberglass with epoxy resin.

Polymerization is insured through 3 different programs:

  • Temperature regulation program
  • Positioning regulation system during the press closing
  • Effort regulation program during the compression cycle

Our curing presses can develop up to 25,000 kN in compression, heat up to 300°C with a temperature homogeneity of + / - 2°C.

We also provide heating and pivoting presses which can develop up to 700 kN in compression with an accuracy of +/- 1% of the measured value. The lower movable platen allows you to achieve draping outside the press, to guarantee the best efficiency and the mold carrier is of reliable design, to accelerate your production.

Pinette PEI. is committed to provide trustworthy equipment for polymerization of thermoplastics and thermosets, helping clients to develop their business in an increasingly demanding environment.

Curing press to vulcanize rubber

We also provide our customers rubber vulcanizing press with multi-platens. Features: effort capacity up to 40,000 kN, heating and cooling system integrated.

Pinette PEI.'s equipment is amongst the most efficient on the market, allowing short cycle times, accurate temperature regulation, automatic loading and unloading, as well as a great ease of use for operators.