PU automated foaming systems

pur foaming

As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic press systems Pinette PEI. offers a range of press systems for the foaming of polyurethane foam (PU). They are mainly intended to serve the automotive industry by producing but not excluded to inner dash, carpet and outer carpet. Carousels production lines are also proposed for headrest, armrest or seat pads production.

Polyurethane thermoforming & back foaming

Our custom press systems for polyurethane foaming (PUR foaming) or back foaming can develop up to 200 kN in compression with full integration of the injection system. The all electric solution allows low energy consumption as well as silent use. Pinette PEI. press systems can run both automatically and semi-automatically, whatever your needs.

The design permits temperature regulation and great compactness, making Pinette PEI. PUR foaming production means the best choice for your business. The safety and design rules follow each requirement of local and international standards, such CE UL OSHA GOST regulations.

EPDM thermoforming

Our products are non-symmetric, to facilitate manual operations and are equipped with rotating IR table for ergonomic EPDM transfer to C-frame presses. Kaizen layouts in production cells include EPDM thermoforming. To perform thermoforming, the injection tool is an open tool spaying with robot and is combined with auxiliary functions as vacuum or degassing to enhance your production line availability.

Mold carrier

To complete the PUR foaming process, along our hydraulic presses, we also offer all-electric mold carriers with a semi-automatic system for EPDM coating. Our solution shows autonomy, flexibility, ease of use and versatility. Thus, the whole system represents the standard in term of productivity, reliability and efficiency amongst all the industry.