PVC foam curing line

PVC foam curing line by Pinette PEI

Pinette PEI. designs and builds complete production lines for PVC foam curing. This PVC foam is used as the core material for wind turbine blades.


Pinette PEI. is a supplier of PVC foam curing lines featuring:

  • Tooling
  • Conveyor
  • PVC foam filling station
  • Manual or automatic cap covering system
  • Multi platen racks equipped with automatic push and pull system
  • Automatic loading and unloading devices
  • Multi platen press with effort capacity up to 15,000 kN
  • Heating & cooling system

PVC foam curing process

The tool is carried by a conveyor to the filling station that pours the pvc foam. While following its path toward the multi platen rack, the tool is covered with a cap manually by an operator or automatically with a pick & place system. Once covered, it is placed in the rack thanks to an automatic loading system. When the rack is fully loaded, there is a fast transfer in the curing press systems. The automatic unloading system, the second rack and the automatic push and pull systems allow to enhance the productivity of this production line ensuring our customers to go beyond the competitive standards of their industry.

As an industrial engineering company, Pinette PEI. can provide custom engineered press systems with scalable platen sizes to better fit with your specific PVC foam applications.