Testing equipment & systems 

testing equipment and systems pinette pei test bench for mechanical testing

Pinette PEI. is a historical supplier of hydraulic press systems but it is above all an engineering company, aiming to develop cutting-edge machinery and tooling. As a result, in order to support our clients’ expansion and to help them in their manufacturing process, we have also turned into a testing equipment & systems provider. More than 20 test bench systems are used all around the world, satisfying the increasing demand for part controls.

Pipe Premium connection testing equipment & systems

test bench for premium pipe connection testing by Pinette PEI

Pinette PEI. provides combined loads test frames, intended to perform structural testing on OCTG premium connections. From 10,000 kN to 30,000 kN, the state-of-the-art Pinette PEI. test benches works in total compliance with petroleum standards, such as the ISO 13679 or ISO 12835. The bench can also apply bending up to 1,000 kN.m and shows anti-buckling features. Several test bench systems are already in use all around the world, serving the main tube manufacturers strategy.



Dynamic stress testing equipment & systems

test bench for dynamic stress testing by Pinette PEI

Pinette PEI. is also a supplier of dynamic test bench systems, which simulate extreme climatic temperatures as well as very tough acoustics and vibration conditions. From pipe hydrostatic testing to full-scale dynamic stress test bench, Pinette PEI systems work with compliance with all international and local regulations. 




Static stress testing equipment & systems

test bench applying traction compression flexion internal pressure for civil launchers - pinette

Pinette PEI. supplies static stress test benches, which aims to evaluate civil & military launcher components by applying traction, compression, bending and internal pressure. These testing equipment & systems can apply a force up to 42,000 kN in traction / compression and 5,000 kN.m in bending.




NDT - NDI equipment & systems

NDT test bench using ultra sound technology with 14 axes CNC - pinette

Pinette PEI. delivers Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) systems for the aeronautics and aerospace industries. We have developed robotized test benches using ultrasonic testing. These NDT-NDI control means can accept very large parts and show a great versatility.