Automotive composites: other parts production

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Apart from composite car interior and exterior parts, Pinette P.E.I. is a supplier of automatic production systems for sound insulation parts, brake pads, clutch and gasket lining. Furthermore, we can design and manufacture custom engineered machines and systems for specific applications on client's request and specification. New development is in our DNA and we are committed to support you, whatever your needs and requirements. We are proud to serve the increasingly tough automotive industry demand, by providing premium solutions to our customers.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation sandwiches production is achieved through PU foaming in a heavy layer sound insulation sandwiches production line. Multi-station carrousel or multi-station fixed mold carrier for PU foaming injection are implemented for EPDM heavy layers or compressed felt for car interior.

We provide a new range of electrical mold carriers which are smooth, silent during working, versatile and operator friendly. Moreover, our equipment needs low and cost-effective maintenance, is very reliable and in accordance with CE regulations. Modular design and full command integration allow our product to reach a rate of up to 2500 parts a day in shift work.

Brake pads & Clutch lining

Pinette P.E.I. is also a historical supplier of automotive industrials through brake discs and clutch plates manufacturing systems. We have produced several multi-cavity production means for thermoset brakes pads, either press lines or carrousels. The press line or carrousels has up to 19 cavities and a force and temperature regulation, allowing high precision. Curing presses for clutch linings production can be proposed by our technical teams, with capacity from 4,000 to 10,000 kN and automatic loading and unloading systems. The press is multi-level and has multi-cavity tools.

Gasket lining

Pinette P.E.I. provides down stroking trimming and flattening presses for auto and trucks linings. The hydraulic press, with capacity up to 4,000 kN, has a rate of 16 strokes per minute through a final flattering and peripheral stamping. Our products show low deflection, high stiffness structure and high productivity, through the programmable PLC and the loading/unloading transfer bar adaptable.