Supplier of industrial equipment and manufacturing systems

thermoforming line for composite parts production in automotive industry pinette pei

Pinette PEI. is a supplier of industrial equipment and production systems since the very beginning of its business activities in 1863. Over the decades, the engineering group has been driven by an innovative spirit to provide breakthrough solutions and to finally become a leading company in the markets of hydraulic presses, industrial equipment and turnkey solution systems. Pinette PEI. offers customized solutions, innovative technologies and products through its five divisions: 

Forming machines & systems

automated composites forming line for automotive by pinette pei

As a historical supplier of metal, powder, rubber and composites forming equipment, Pinette PEI. provides a large range of products:

  • Preforming solutions
  • Hydraulic presses & automated systems
  • Turnkey production lines



Laboratory presses

customized laboratory press system for composites by pinette peiWe design and supply a wide range of laboratory presses using compression technology, suitable for consolidation & stamping and easily adaptable to fit with injection systems for Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) applications:

  • Standard laboratory presses
  • Hand actuated presses
  • Sugar cane presses
  • Custom lab presses on client request


Testing equipment

pipe premium connection test benchFor over 30 years, Pinette PEI. has been developing and supplying customized test benches of large dimensions:

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) test benches using Sound technology for composite sectors or Eddy current technologies for nuclear sectors.
  • Pinette PEI.'s expertise in testing equipment also extends to dynamic and static stress test benches.
  • In the Oil and Gas industry, Pinette PEI. is one of the leading manufacturers of combined load frames for premium connection applications. 

Custom equipment for specific applications

custom equipment for specific applications in helicopter industry by pinette peiAs an innovative engineering company, Pinette PEI. is also a designer and manufacturer of advanced customized equipment for specific applications among which heavy equipment handling, assembly of large-volume structures, crimping and waste separation systems. Whatever your project is, Pinette has the right solution to meet your specific needs.




Turnkey plants

turnkey plant for composites and rubber forming by pinette pei

As a general contractor, Pinette PEI. offers its expertise in the implementation of turnkey plants, from research & need analysis to on-site supervision. A comprehensive single-source approach and commitment to performance objectives makes Pinette PEI. the perfect partner for your turnkey projects.