Forming: manufacturing systems for composite parts production

forming line composite part production 

As a historical molding machine supplier for thermoset and thermoplastic composites, Pinette PEI. has ongoing experience in the design and manufacturing of preforming equipment, hydraulic presses and turnkey production lines. 

Manufacturing systems: composites preforming

hot drape forming equipment pinette pei preforming solutions

Besides our core expertise in hydraulic press technology and turnkey production lines, Pinette PEI. offers hot drape forming machines dedicated to the production of omega stiffeners and composite preforms.






Manufacturing systems: Hydraulic press solutions

ecs short stroke press fast RTM system pinette pei

First equipment provider in Europe for Airbus thermoplastic efforts, we are constantly developing our offer and we now provide a large range of hydraulic press systems.

All our means of production respect safety and security design requirements according to EC UL OSHA regulations. With more than 1000 machines running worldwide meeting the highest standards of reliability and safety, Pinette PEI. provides customers with the best industrial experience. Moreover, the exclusive use of class A parts and premium features, such as the low consumption technology or the active parallelism control reinforce the great value of our products.

In addition, to reach the highest standards of productivity and efficiency, our forming presses can be combined with auxiliary processing equipment to form turnkey production lines.


Manufacturing systems: turnkey production lines

turnkey thermoforming line pinette pei

Pinette PEI. hydraulic press systems can be integrated in turnkey production lines. From the heating device to the unloading equipment, we offer a large range of solutions to enhance your production plants. The ultimate Pinette PEI. experience lies in its automated turnkey production lines, which combines all the know-how of our teams, to bring you the best way to thrive.

These automated or semi-automated production lines dedicated to the production of composite parts are already implemented and used all around the world, satisfying the increasingly high demand for premium solutions.