Composite parts forming: hydraulic press systems

hydraulic press systems for composites forming by pinette pei

Since 1863, Pinette PEI.'s core business lies in the design, manufacture and implementation of hydraulic presses. In the plastics and composites industries, we are a historical compression molding machine supplier that delivered more than 1,000 press systems worldwide for over 25 years.  From design to start up including project planning, engineering, production and installation, Pinette PEI. takes care of the entire project to guarantee you a safe investment decision.

Pinette PEI. composites press systems

Equipment efficiency, accuracy, reliability are the requirements when it comes to the production of best quality composite parts. Over the years, Pinette PEI. has developed high-performance press systems to give you a competitive advantage in your industry:

  • Press force from 10 to 100,000 kN
  • Heating platen size up to 8 meters
  • Active leveling control
  • Heating process up to 500°C
  • Homogenous temperature with accuracies up to +/- 3°C on the heating platen surface
  • Heating (Oil, Electric) and cooling platens
  • Easy access ideal for automation tasks or maintenance
  • Customized equipment solutions
  • High level of automation

Hydraulic press systems and composites forming technologies

Discover more features depending on the component requirements and to the composites forming process you are interested in. From hydraulic presses dedicated to SMC - BMC - GMT - LFT to our automated stamp forming lines for thermoplastic composites, we offer a wide range of hydraulic press technology: