395°C Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminate Process

400 RTL PEI plateaux

The 395°C Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminate Process is a consolidation technology for high performance thermoplastic reinforced organo sheet production. It is the first production mean to achieve 395°C on the platen with heat transfer fluid for an optimal temperature control, with accuracy up to ±1°C measured on the platen in steady state. It ensures an optimum homogeneous temperature distribution across the platen surface.

The 395 RTL process enables better consistency in the polymer crystallisation, thus a better homogeneous mechanical performance distribution in the produced organo sheets.

This technological step paves to way to very large dimension platens and high homogeneity for high performance thermoplastic reinforced consolidated panel production.

400C schema en

Performances in a real consolidation cycle

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  • Faster: heating/cooling rate from 1 to 20°C/min – Scalable
  • Higher performances: PEEK
  • Better production quality: homogeneous crystallisation
  • Bigger: very large platen dimensions
  • Flexible: available as an upgrade on existing press


Business activities Materials Applications
  • Aeronautics
  • PEEK
  • Productions
  • Aerospace
  • PEKK
  • R&D
  • Medical
  • PPS


  • PEI

400 RTL PEI plateau chauffant

Technical features

  • Heat transfer fluid temperature: 400°C
  • Platen temperature: up to 395°C
  • Temperature distribution accuracy: ±1°C
  • Heat transfer fluid heated platens
  • Heating/cooling rate: from 1 to 20°C/min – scalable