Rubber vulcanizing press | multi-platen solutions


Pinette PEI. has developed and implemented hundreds of hydraulic presses for rubber, plastics & composites applications all over the world. Other than compression molding press for tire production, we serve the rubber industry with custom engineered multi-platen press solutions using the vulcanization technology.

Multi-platen press using rubber vulcanizing technology

Our expertise allows us to manufacture hydraulic presses with up to 20 heating and cooling platens for a total of 19 working cavities. The capacity and size of the platen depends on your requirements and can always be suited. We can provide hydraulic presses with a strong press force capacity up to 40,000 kN and large-sized heating platens.

Our rubber vulcanizing presses also feature : 

  • Heating platens up to 300 °C (steam or oil) with an accurate temperature regulation
  • Automatic loading & unloading insuring fast and accurate movements
  • PLC control, programmable parameters, recipe handling and pre-programmed sequences
  • User friendly

From the automotive to the aeronautics industries, Pinette PEI. is dedicated to serve major industrial enterprises by providing multi-platen presses for specific purposes, helping them to thrive. That is why we are open to any kind of demand, to create the best custom engineered equipment solution according to your needs.