Thermoplastic CFRP preforming & forming line QSP ®


Innovation through its R&D department is the heart of Pinette PEI.’s business strategy and represents 30% of its sales revenues. It is often the result of a collaborative approach and as a result  our last project, the QSP ® Quilted Stratum Process  - rewarded at JEC show in Houston, Texas and Experience Composites in Augsburg, Germany -  represents the perfect illustration of it.

QSP ®: innovative process for thermoplastic composites layering

The QSP production line is dedicated to composite parts manufacturing through composite layering process. The QSP ® line is a breakthrough innovation that has the following competitive advantages:

  • Cycle times acceleration allowing to reach automotive standards for the production of net shape parts ready for assembly in 1 minute
  • Capacity to transform up to 5 kilograms of raw material per minute into medium or large sized structural parts
  • Alternative to steel, aluminium, thermoset plastics and mono-material TP
  • Proven industrial principles
  • Reduced scrap: material usage > 90 %


QSP ® Solution : Production lines & machines  

qsp quilted stratum process composites manufacturing systemQSP ® layup is available in two versions : the high volume QSP ® line or the QSP ® Compact line - different sizes and options available on request.   

The QSP ® preforming & forming line

The QSP ® results in a high series production line for CFRP and thermoplastic TP matrix structural part with multi-thickness, multi-material and net-shape, ready for assembly.

This equipment addresses & targets the automotive sector & the world of aeronautics. In these sectors, manufacturers are looking more and more for composites materials as an alternative to metal parts in order to save weight.


QSP ® solution version high volume production


qsp line high volume composite part production overview


The QSP ® Compact Direct layup 1300 

PINETTE PEI. also developed the QSP ® Compact direct layup 1300, a standard unit allowing customers to benefit from QSP technology & advantages while drastically reducing the required Capex. This compact unit allows to manufacture 2D+ multi-thickness preforms with thermoplastic matrices in a one minute cycle time. It can be easily integrated in a QSP ® turnkey production line.


QSP ® solution version Compact Direct Layup


qsp production line compact overview


QSP ® : Industrial principles

This preforming & forming line can feature the following modules:

  • Pultrusion (optional)
  • Patch cutting
  • Tape laying including preform assembly, fast heating & fast transfer
  • Hydraulic press allowing compression & over-molding

Pinette PEI is an engineering company providing custom engineered solutions. Thus, the QSP ® production line is scalable to better fit with our client's needs.

Raw material

  • Any Organo sheets
  • Thermoplastic tapes
  • If pultrusion: fibers roving and plastic granulatesQSP brochure

Main features & applications

  • Multi-material
  • Multi-thickness
  • CFRP
  • 5 Kg per minute output
  • One minute cycle time
  • Net shape design
  • Ready for direct assembly
  • Robustness and repeatability
  • Scalable
  • Competitive cost


QSP ®: A production resulting from a collaborative approach

To design such a line, Pinette PEI. has combined its expertise on composites testing and forming equipment with the Cetim technical center (Nantes, France), the toolmaker Compose (Ain, France) and Loiretech (Loire-Atlantique, France).

The line uses the composite layering process, without any break in the flow. 35,000 hours of engineering conception and 7 million euros were engaged to develop this new process. This project came to a close end with the inauguration and start-up of the line on November 3rd 2015 at the Cetim space of the Techno campus in Nantes.

Pinette PEI. supplies QSP ® full technology turnkey production line, related tool and equipment according to customer specific request.