Powder compression press system

powder compression press system

Pinette PEI. provides turnkey powder compression press systems. These production systems are mainly dedicated to the production of engine & transmission components for automotive such as clutch linings.


Pinette PEI. provides powder compression press systems dedicated to mould friction materials on metal plates. These manufacturing systems can transform powders - from organic & inorganic fillers and fibers - and thermoset resins into clutch friction linings and mould it on metal supports to form a clutch disc. Pinette PEI. powder compression press system can be composed of:powder compression clutch lining plate production system

  • Compression press with heating platens
  • Cooling press
  • Release agent spraying system
  • Powder feeder
  • Automated plate storage & loading system
  • 2 Mobile Trolleys for powder feeder & spraying system and for plate loading & finished part unloading
  • Automated mold cleaning system
  • Unloading conveyor
  • System run by PLC
  • Data Acquisition System (HMI supervision)

As an industrial engineering company, Pinette PEI. can design and offer you custom engineered solutions. Whatever your powder compression project might be, do not hesitate to contact us for a specific quotation.