RTM, HP RTM & C-RTM automated press systems


RTM & HP RTM are manufacturing processes used to produce composites structural parts with very high mechanical properties. Thanks to its expertise as a composites molding machine supplier and a collaborative approach, Pinette PEI. delivers innovative RTM & HP RTM press sytems and production lines.

Fast RTM technology platform

The Fast RTM technology platform - results of the eponym project – that is located at the Composite Park of Saint Avold in France which has been operational since April 2016. The “Fast RTM” project aims to meet industrials’ expectations by developing the tools and processes required for composites to earn their way into the automotive industry.

It consists of a production line - including the ECS PRESS system - fully equipped, allowing to obtain all industrial developments needed to drive structural composite materials towards industrialization. 

Discover more about the fast RTM platform.


Fully automated resin transfer molding (RTM) production line

In partnership with the German group DLR, Pinette PEI. has designed an automated, high-speed resin transfer molding (RTM) cell for aerospace and automotive manufacturing applications that is designed to increase molded part throughput and improve process consistency. The fully automated production line, able to produce up to 100,000 parts a year features: 

  • Injection machine
  • Tool integration
  • Hydraulic press up to 10,000 kN
  • Platen size up to 3,000 x 2,000 mm
  • Heating and cooling platens
  • Integrated heating power unit
  • Upper mobile table for mold loading with enclosing guard insulation with trap for injection
  • Automatic shuttle transfer system
  • Temperature consistency up to 300°C thanks to the continuous checking of tool temperature
  • 6 axis robot
  • IN TOUCH supervision software with full traceability

The design allows a safe and ergonomic access to the technical platform and ensures compliance with local and international standards. Pinette PEI. also offers a modem for remote maintenance, accelerating the return to full production of your equipment in case of breakdown. The production line is in operation and produce carbon fiber / epoxy parts dedicated to the aerospace industry.


RTM production line with manipulator for multi tool handling

Pinette PEI. has also designed and supplied a resin transfer molding (RTM) production line featuring automatic tool handling system. This press line allows high versatility (up to 10 different tools) and high efficiency as the preparation and processing of the tool after press moulding are done in parallel to parts production time. Platen sizes & press capacity can be tailored to better fit with customer’s needs. The RTM production line is equipped with:

  • An injection unit
  • A heating power unit
  • A hydraulic press with moving table
  • A hydraulic power unit
  • An automatic tool loading and unloading system
  • Tool storage racks
  • IN TOUCH supervision software with full traceability


RTM laboratory press system for R&D or small production

We can also deliver laboratory press systems, with capacity of 100 kN, for R&D purposes.