Rubber molding press system : tire manufacturing equipment

rubber molding press system

Pinette PEI. has developed and implemented hundreds of hydraulic presses for rubber, plastics & composites applications all over the world. Apart from multi-platen press solutions, we serve the rubber industry with compression molding press dedicated to tire production.


As an engineering company specialist of industrial project management, Pinette PEI. provides turnkey press lines and related engineering. Our tire manufacturing equipment solutions can be composed of:

  • Automated handling system to ensure high speed transfer (robots or transfer conveying system)
  • Compression press lines : presses equipped with heating platens, automated mold loading & unloading system and tire ejection system
  • Each press can have different mold model
  • Automated Mold change carrier
  • Mold storage equipment
  • Conveying belt for cured tyre handling
  • Complete automation
  • Data Acquisition System (HMI supervision)
  • Mold cleaning system

tire production system

Tire manufacturing process

Compounds are rolled around a support to produce a green tire in a building area. When ready to go in the forming area, the handling system picks up the green tire and brings it to the press. Previously, molds are cleaned and lubricated manually by the operators or automatically by a specific system. Then the curing cycle is launched. The press strokes down the top mold to the bottom mold by gradually hydraulic pressures (bumping steps). When the cured tire is ready, ejectors in the molds eject the cured tire. Then the handling system picks up the cured tire and brings it to the trim area.

Pinette PEI. is an industrial engineering company specialized industrial production processes that delivers custom engineered solutions. Whatever your project might be, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you an industrial solution adapted to your rubber molding needs.