Thermoplastic stamp forming press systems

thermoplastic composites stamp forming line

Pinette PEI. is well-known as a composites press manufacturer that has gathered a deep expertise in the production and implementation of thermoplastic stamp forming press systems. We are proud to serve the aeronautics and aerospace industries, by providing efficient tools and production means.

Thermoplastic composites stamping

Our thermoplastics stamping production units feature:

  • Hydraulic press with maximum capacity of 10,000 kN
  • IR oven
  • Automatic high speed transfer device and automatic tool change system
  • PLC for temperature monitoring

To process PPS, PEI or PEEK, our compact unit performs short and repetitive cycles, whether in automatic or semi-automatic. The whole system shows high reliability, high speed, low noise, ease of use and stamping temperature control.

Our infrared oven can produce low, medium or high wave length on request, with a continuous data acquisition and continuously controlled temperature of blanks surface. Temperature is monitored by PLC up to 500°C on blanks, with independent multi-zone programming. The low thermal inertia of our IR oven allows accurate temperature regulation, energy savings and height adjustment.

To load the blanks (front or rear loading), the automatic transfer shuttle is fully programmable and high temperature resistant.
The design allows also efficient maintenance, with easy access to hydraulic platform and modem for remote diagnosis and maintenance advice as soon as possible.

PLC defect diagnosis on display and electrical flow charts complete the maintenance attributes of our products.

Our production means work in compliance with all local and international regulations, such as EC UL and OSHA and are driven by industrial PCs. The production lines are equipped with side light curtains, dynamic safety clamping device on ram and smoke and dust extracting hood, to prevent hazardous situations.



Exemples of parts resulting from the thermoplastic stamping process

clips aeronautics thermoplastic stampingThermoplastic composites stamping: Clips

carbon plate thermoplastic stamp formingThermoplastic composites stamping: Carbon plate hatch aeronautics tp stampingThermoplastic composites stamping: Hatch