HDF composites preforming pinette pei

HDF - Hot Drape Forming

Multiple Zoned Heating and Infinitely Variable Vacuum levels give precision control for forming complex parts with varying density of material not achieved by other Hot Drape Formers.

hot drape forming


 Technical data  Applications
  • Single or double diaphragm
  • Temperature: from 30°C to 180°C
  • Length: up to 20 m
 Stiffeners, spars, ribs, strutts, braces

Key Benefitshot forming

  • Wrinkle free forming - thickness up to 30 mm​Wrinkle free forming - thickness up to 30 mm
  • ​Up and down stroke controlled by servomotors for a perfect control
  • ​Multizone Temperature control and heating regulation thanks to PLC allows multiple densities to be formed simultaniously​
  • Preform tool identification and position control
  • ​Application adapted to work in class 8 cleanrooms
  • Production speed increased and lower labour intensive​
  • Reduced labour costs 
  • Light curtain safety protection
  • ​‘Quick Locking System’  allows diaphragm and material positioning
  • ​Fully customized equipment



  • ​HMI
  • Data acquisition
  • Fully moveable multiple vacuum table
  • ​Separate tools heating bank increase quality and production times
  • ​Controlled heat and cooling rates.


Advanced Infrared Heating System

The heat bank incorporates multiple infrared heating lamps which are fully adjustable to achieve the optimum distance from your tool/component. The heater bank provides multiple heating zones allowing different temperature profiles along the tool. This enables forming components of alternating carbon thickness with highly accurate temperature control and recording via multiple thermocouples. Luminaries light the whole process for viewing via inspection windows.

Cooling System

Cooling gives a controlled ramp down rate, increases productivity and quality of finished product. The cooling system and the dimensions of ducts and diffusers are designed specifically to deliver the exact required rate of cooling. ​

Diaphragm Frame

The unique design of diaphragm precisely positions the carbon onto the tool. The diaphragm is attached to the diaphragm frame with  a ‘Quick Locking System’ and seals automatically around the edge of the vacuum bed.

QSP ® Compact direct layup: composite multi-thickness preform production

PINETTE PEI. developed the QSP ® Compact direct layup 1300, a standard unit allowing customers to benefit from QSP technology & advantages while drastically reducing the required Capex. This compact unit allows to manufacture 2D+ multi-thickness preforms with thermoplastic matrices in a one minute cycle time. It can be easily integrated in QSP ® turnkey production line.