QSP ® Compact direct layup: composite multi-thickness preform production

PINETTE PEI. developed the QSP ® Compact direct layup 1300, a standard unit allowing customers to benefit from QSP technology & advantages while drastically reducing the required Capex. This compact unit allows to manufacture 2D+ multi-thickness preforms with thermoplastic matrices in a one minute cycle time. It can be easily integrated in QSP ® turnkey production line.

qsp compact direct layup composites preform production


The QSP Compact Direct Layup 1300 merges the first two steps of the QSP Process in a compact unit. It allows to produce 2D+ multi-thickness preforms resulting from the combination of patch cutting and laying, the first two steps of the QSP ® process.


qsp machine compact production composites multi thicknesses preforms


Raw materials

qsp compact composites direct layup performancesRegarding raw materials, the QSP Compact direct layup 1300 can work with Organo sheets or multi-width tapes from carbon fibers, glass fibers and all thermoplastics resins.

Thanks to cutting units and high speed robotic systems, patches are cut, transferred, placed and welded in order to manufacture a 2D+ multi-thickness preform.


PINETTE PEI. and its partner, the CETIM research centre can support you all along the project from part development to industrialization including ply book definition & process simulations.

This standard machine can be customized to better fit with client’s needs.

The design of this composites preform manufacturing machine makes transport and handling easier. In addition, it allows many configurations including the integration in a QSP ® full line.


The QSP ® Compact direct layup 1300 produces preforms, was designed to be easily integrated in a full QSP line to produce net shape parts, ready for direct assembly. Thanks to its expertise and network, PINETTE PEI. can provide QSP ® full technology and machines in order to offer a turnkey forming line solution.

qsp production line composites overview

Access to all QSP ® advantages with a minimum CAPEX

If this composite part manufacturing solution is targeting the aeronautics, automotive and leisure industries, it may find applications in all sectors of the industry. With a minimum capital expenditure, our customers will benefit from all the advantages of the QSP ® solution.

If you want further information please, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales engineers and designers are available on demand to discuss about your project and to define the appropriate solution to better answer your needs.