Custom engineered laboratory presses & small production units

custom machines 1

As a historical supplier of molding press machines and systems, Pinette PEI. has acquired a strong expertise in industrial engineering. This expertise allows us to provide custom engineered laboratory and small sized presses to better fit with our customer's specific needs. Discover some examples of custom engineered lab presses and small production units:

All electric press custom engineered for clean room environment

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Pinette PEI. designed and delivered an all-electric compression press for composite molding that suits clean rooms application. This 75 kN customized press equipped with heating and cooling platens (size : 350 mm x 250 mm) can heat up to 450°C. The equipment features a unique force regulation system with an accuracy of less than 1kN.




RTM custom engineered press unit for small production workshops

customized laboratory press system pinette pei

This unit is equipped with a compression press and an RTM injection unit. We can fit an optional supervision system to be able to trace produced parts. The ergonomic design of the machine allows easy access to the lower mold and to the upper one.

Regarding the RTM process, Pinette PEI. has developed an independent production unit to meet the needs of small production workshops.

Due to the upper platen tilting it is easier to clean the molds and to visually inspect the cleanliness of these surfaces. The preform is easily dropped off into the mold through a reliable system, making the process even more robust during production.

Custom engineered press for small parts prepreg production

small hydraulic press for prepreg production pinette pei

Some productions are using prepreg. To improve productivity and to facilitate the operator's work, we have developed a production machine dedicated to the use of these materials.

This machine is equipped with a bottom shuttle table with two lower half molds. The upper half mold is placed on the upper structure which is mobile and is lowered to close the mold. When the mold is closed, the thermal cycle of the prepreg can begin.

During this cycle, the operator has full access to the second half bottom mold. The operator can unload parts, clean the cavities, and implement the preform to prepare a new production cycle. As a result, all the preparatory work is done in parallel to part production time improving overall efficiency

When the thermal cycle is complete, the press opens and the table translates the two lower half molds at the same time. The operator inspects the cleanliness of the upper half mold before closing, and a new cycle starts again.

Press workshop layout for production:

These small production machines can be organized into a production workshop. The presses can be handled and positioned in the factory with a simple forklift. Therefore, it is easy to adapt the layout to the design of the building and to the constraints of both the inflow and outflow of materials and parts.