Composite parts forming: Turnkey production lines

composites forming turnkey production line

Other than supplying large hydraulic presses, Pinette PEI. acts as a general contractor to offer its customers turnkey production lines for plastic, rubber, powder and composites processing.

A single-source partner for your turnkey production line

We supervise logistics and administrative procedures until equipment is delivered onto client premises. Our experience and network of international subcontractors enable us to provide local solutions for equipment supply, manufacturing and reducing delivery times. Pinette PEI.'s commitment to performance objectives makes us the perfect partner for your turnkey projects.

Turnkey production line features

Pinette PEI. offers a wide range of equipment to be implemented in turnkey production lines that are fully automated:

  • Unrolling stations with automatic cut to length system
  • Pick & place systems, robots
  • Carousels and conveyors
  • Automatic loading systems (precut sheets)
  • Aligning table
  • Infrared (IR) oven, convection oven and contact heaters
  • Automatic transfer systems
  • Forming press
  • Molds
  • Injection systems
  • Thermoregulators
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Automated tool change
  • Automatic unloading system
  • Peripheral equipment

Examples of our turnkey forming press lines for composite parts production: