Laboratory: Hydraulic compression press solutions

laboratory press equipment with heating platens for composites forming by Pinette PEI

Since the beginning of its activities, Pinette PEI. has set the standard for press design and production, from large scale hydraulic production means to laboratory presses. Today, our expertise in hydraulic laboratory presses allows you to rely on a wide range of solutions for your laboratory applications. From hydraulic hand actuated lab presses equipped with heating platens to custom engineered press & systems, our goal is to answer all your needs.

Hydraulic hand operated laboratory press with heating platens 

hand operated - pinette

Pinette PEI. provides hand-actuated laboratory presses, which combines simplicity with excellence. Our presses, with capacity from 20 to 200 kN and cylinders with return spring, are operator friendly and need low maintenance, thanks to its trusted design. The standard press can heat up to 300 °C, for a 100 mm stroke, but we can adapt the stroke up to 200 mm, according to your need.




Standard laboratory press range (LAB press)

presse lab - pinette

To equip laboratories or really small production units, we launched a varied range of standard laboratory presses. This new range allows the customer to choose the required performance while limiting the required investment. The LAB, LAB P (Programmable) & Lab PA (Programmable + data Acquisition) standard presses are equipped with high temperature heating and cooling platens (up to 450 °C) and apply up to a 1,000 kN effort. These machines can perform the following processes :

  • Consolidation
  • Stamping
  • RTM

Even though the LAB range is standard, we are dedicated to customize our products on client request. 

Hydraulic laboratory press for sugar cane sucrose determination

compression laboratory press sugar cane sucrose determination

Our teams have designed and provided many laboratory presses for the sugar cane industry worldwide. These hydraulic presses - capacity from 125kN up to 700kN - are dedicated to sugar cane sucrose determination and analysis. 





Custom engineered lab presses & small production systems

custom machines - pinette

A new generation of automated machines has emerged on the market of composites. This type of machine will allow composite parts manufacturer to be ready for a high rate production of composite parts. However before launching the production, it is necessary to check and to validate the process on laboratory machines. To do so, Pinette PEI is able to design and deliver custom engineered laboratory presses and small production systems.