High temperature laboratory press for rubber, plastics & composites molding

presse lab 1

Pinette PEI. designs and manufactures a complete range of standard laboratory presses, the LAB series. Our expertise in this business allows us to offer our customers trustworthy presses for rubber, plastics and composites forming which can perform consolidation, stamping or Resin Transfer Molding (RTM).

The standard LAB series laboratory press range

To equip laboratories or really small production units, we launched a varied range of laboratory presses. This new range allows the customer to choose the required performance while limiting the required investment. Each press is equipped with heating and cooling platens that can heat up to 450°C. Depending on the selected range, this press works at 250, 350 or 450°C (482, 662 or 842°F).

These forming machines allow low force testing and a supervision system can be added (option). Therefore, this range meets most market needs for composite material development.

Even though the LAB range is standard, we are dedicated to customize our products, with adjustable strokes, to meet your needs. The press can also be customized with raw material transfer cylinder, IR preheating oven or force sensors.


Standard laboratory press series

Press Model  Force  Platen sizes  Floor Area
LAB 300
LAB 300 P
LAB 300 PA
 300 kN 300 x 300 mm
500 x 500 mm
1850 x 1230mm
LAB 500
LAB 500 P
LAB 500 PA
500 kN 500 x 500 mm
 600 x 600 mm 
1850 x 1230mm
LAB 800
LAB 800 P
LAB 800 PA
800 kN 500 x 500 mm
600 x 600 mm
 1850 x 1230mm


Standard laboratory molding press features 

Press Model   Programmable Programmable + Acquisition
Heating Platen X X X
Temperature cycle  X X X
Programmable pressure and temperature X X X
Adjustable strokes X X X
Automatic cycle via keyboard   X X
Pressure and temperature gradient control   X X
Cycle programming by segmentation   X X
Program storage   X X
Cycle programming   X X
Pressure - Temperature    X  X
Steps - Degassing   X X
Data display   X X
Defects display   X X
Software and data acquisition system     X
Program storage - Continuous data acquisition     X