Hydraulic laboratory press for sugar cane sucrose determination

laboratory compression press sugar cane sucrose determination

A sugar cane press aims to determine the sugar quantity inside canes in order to perform juice analysis. Thanks to this analysis, producers can determine whether or not the harvest should begin.

The sugar cane laboratory press series

Our teams have designed, provided and set laboratory sugar cane press series with capacity from 125 kN up to 700 kN. These compression machines are used to determine the percentage of sucrose in sugar canes using the direct process. The stroke of the press depends on the range and can easily be adapted to your requirements.

Pinette PEI. has served the sugar cane industry worldwide and our products work in compliance with both local and international regulations, such as EC UL OSHA regulations.

Sugar cane laboratory press features

  OL 125 OB 450 OB 700
Force 125 kN 450 kN 700 kN
Hydraulic pressure 105 bars 225 bars 250 bars
Stroke 250 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Filtering bucket Ø 90 mm 145 mm 145 mm
Filtering bucket Height 180 mm 145 mm 145 mm
Volume inside the bucket 1.1 L 2.4 L 2.4 L
Closing speed 3.7 mm/s 10 mm/s 8.5 mm/s
Opening speed 5.1 mm/s 36 mm/s 29 mm/s
Oil tank capacity 6 L 20 L 20 L
Power 1.1 kW 2.2 kW 2.2 kW
Weight 280 kg 900 kg 1300 kg
Power supply 220 V mono 50 Hz 200 - 380 V tri 50 Hz 400 V tri 50 Hz