Custom engineered equipment & systems for specific applications

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Pinette PEI. is always looking to improve its industrial engineering expertise through partnerships  - with customers, other industrial businesses and technical centers - and through ambitious R&D programs. According to this approach, we design custom engineered equipment and systems for the world’s largest groups in the transport, energies and other industrial sectors.

Assembly jigs

moulding and curing unit for composite materials structures - pinette

Pinette PEI. assembly jigs for aeronautics and aerospace industries are developed in partnership with our customers and used for huge industrial projects such as ARIANE 5 or A380. They all show high repeatability and reliability after several years of use, and successfully achieved projects. 




Compacting press

compacting press for nuclear wastes treatment and conditionning by Pinette PEI

We deliver compacting presses for contaminated nuclear wastes. From 100 kN up to 5,000 kN, our compacting press systems meet and even go beyond the high standards and requirements of this industry.





Waste extrusion system

waste extrusion system for waste sorting recycling by Pinette PEI

We have successfully designed and produced waste separation and compression systems, in order to achieve bacterial suppression and energy recovery. The whole system is running with pre-programmed recipes, allowing a high reliability and few maintenance shutdowns.