Compacting press for nuclear waste treatment & conditioning

compacting press for nuclear wastes treatment and conditionning by Pinette PEI

Pinette PEI. provides its customers compacting presses for nuclear wastes treatment and conditioning. With a capacity from 100 kN up to 5,000 kN, our hydraulic compacting presses can treat a high volume of nuclear wastes.

Hydraulic compacting press for nuclear wastes

Our compacting machines perform volume reduction, including glove boxes for highly active contaminated parts. Pinette PEI.'s expertise can support your company’s recycling goals, in drum compaction and conditioning of low to highly active wastes.

We are committed to provide highly reliable equipment to meet the stringent standards of the nuclear industry. Because we think that even a good product can still be improved we also participate in research programs to increase our compactors performance.

We also deliver crushing & shearing units for contaminated nuclear wastes.