Extrusion system for waste sorting & recycling 

waste extrusion system for waste sorting & recycling by Pinette PEI

Pinette PEI. designs waste extrusion systems for the environmental industry. These systems allow waste sorting and recycling through compression at very high pressure. Our extrusion press systems can process a large amount of waste, up to 15 Tons per hour, through quick cycle, allowing great productivity for our customers.

Waste extrusion system features

  • High pressure compression
  • Bacterial and smell suppression
  • Low maintenance
  • Operator friendly: the cycle shifts are complete without any shutdowns
  • Proprietary PLC
  • System running with pre-programmed production sequences allowing energy recovery

Waste extrusion system series 

 Press Model C 8 C 12
C 15
Capacity 8 Tons / Hour  12 Tons / Hour 15 Tons / Hour
Length (meters) 10 11 11
Width (m) 4 4 5
Height (m) 3 3 3
Weight (tons) 65 T 70 T 80 T

Waste Applications  

  • Household wastes
  • Cardboards, plastics
  • Food waste from retailers
  • Wood
  • Others

Waste recycling: new source for materials or energy purposes

Every output matter is used to produce energy, enhancing your activity through different processes:

Solid recovered fuel (SRF) and dry products:

  • Catalytic depolymerization and fuel production
  • Industrial boilers combustion and hot water production

Industrial sludge and organic pulp:

  • Methanization through several processes
  • Gas production for bottling
  • Energy production
  • Culture of marine microalgae