Test bench for structural testing on premium pipe connections

test bench for premium pipe connection testing

Pinette PEI. supplies a test bench series dedicated to structural testing for pipe premium connections. From 10,000 kN up to 30,000 kN and more, Pinette PEI.'s load frames work in total compliance with petroleum standards, such as the ISO 13679 or ISO 12835. We are dedicated to serve the Oil & Gas industry by providing solutions to OCTG manufacturers. A dozen of pipe premium connection testing systems are installed and used around the world to qualify threaded joints to the increasingly tough well service conditions.

Test bench for seamless casing and tubing premium connections

Pinette PEI.'s test benches are intended for conducting structural testing on seamless casing and tubing Premium connections, metal-to-metal seals and drilling equipment, in compliance with both ISO 13679 and ISO 12835 test requirements. The 30,000 kN (6.7 Mlbf) state-of-the-art Pinette PEI.'s  load frames can also develop up to 10,000 kN / m (160° / 100 ft) in bending.

HPHT testing equipment simulates, with an enhanced productivity, extreme operational cases with combined loads in tension, compression and bending while harsh conditions in terms of temperature and pressure [3000 bars (43500 PSI) ; 360°C (680 °F)] are applied simultaneously.

Combined load testing meets an accuracy of +/- 1% of the measured value in tension and compression, and kept this accuracy level in ultra-low effort simulation programs. The test rig works in compliance with local regulations such as CE, UL or GOST.

Pinette PEI.'s test bench features

  • From 10,000 up to 30,000 kN
  • Full-automatic ISO 13679 testing program driven by a proprietary software,
  • Automatic leakage detection with real time measuring system, linked to real data saving,
  • Full automated closed loop control on tension, compression, bending, temperature and pressure,
  • Full automatic anti-buckling system,
  • Automatic sample loading / unloading allowing fewer manual operations

The quickness of loading and unloading operations, due to motorized movement and the embedded data acquisition gauges your test engineers and technicians are able to analyze and understand quickly and efficiently any kind of problems, to minimize test duration.

Test bench layout

The Pinette PEI. test rig is designed to be installed below ground, in a sealed underground bunker, to improve operator’s safety. In addition, the HD camera monitoring and the easy access to the sample pipe eliminate hazardous situations.