Come and see us at the  @ITHEC  conference. PINETTE P.E.I will exhibit at the International Conference and Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites at Bremen, Germany from the 30 to 31 October 2018. We will welcome you via the Hollerallee at the Gate E, hall 4.

ITHEC covers the latest developments in high-performance thermoplastic composite applications in Aerospace, Automotive and Energy applications, as well as Transport & Engineering.




The QSP ® Quilted Stratum Process - rewarded at JEC show in Houston, Texas and Experience Composites in Augsburg, Germany -  represents the perfect illustration of Pinette P.E.I’s innovation for this conference.

Behind these three letters, a revolution for the processing of glass and carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics is on its way. 





It’s finished composite parts result from multi-thickness and multi-material preforms (with different types of reinforcement fibres). The fact that these multi-layers are composed of multi-materials and are then stamped, reduces drastically the scrap rate.

The “net shape process” and the integration of fastening parts directly during the moulding phase allows manufacturers to consider the QSP as an economically interesting alternative for high volume part production.

QSP® is presented as an evolution to enable the integration of vehicle building inserts directly into the mould/press. Our awards recognise time-saving and the improvement in the mechanical connection response. This evolution has been associated with Böllhoff (German enterprise), world fabricator of fastening parts.

For more information about Thermoplastic CFRP preforming & forming line, QSP ® click here


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Download our brochure about the lightweight part for EV here 

More about this event: ITHEC 2018

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Come and see us at the  @ITHEC  conference. PINETTE P.E.I will exhibit at the International Conference and Exhibition ...

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