Jec Innovation Awards: The FAST RTM technology platform awarded

The JEC group unveiled last week the list of innovation awards winners. PINETTE P.E.I. is proud to be a partner of the IRT M2P for the Fast RTM Platform which received the JEC innovation award 2017 in the process category. 


Chalon sur Saône (February, 07th 2015)

jec innovation award for fast RTM technology platform

This production line aims to drive structural composite material towards industrialization through the C-RTM process (Compression – Resin Transfer Molding). The results developed and analysed on the platform show already strong improvements regarding cycle times. 

The FAST RTM technology platform

This Fast RTM technology platform features the brand new short stroke ECS-PRESS (Eco, Compact, Sustainable) from PINETTE P.E.I. We also provided complete automation including robots, handling systems & supervision.

Our customers can use the platform through PINETTE P.E.I. for new projects or trials.For further request, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Capacities of the FAST RTM technology platform :


ECS Short Stroke Press (Eco Compact Sustainable)

  • Working force: 1500 T
  • Opening and Closing speed : 800 mm/s
  • Platen sizes : 2 m x 1,5 m


RTM equipment and tools

  • Innovative adaptable mold (net-shape finished parts, heating and cooling (thermal) optimization)
  • Optimized thermoregulation system (TPC technology: Tubes Powered by Current)
  • HP injection machine for TS and TP (30-250 cc/min)

fast rtm composites manufacturing system technical data pinette pei



  • Control center
  • 6 axis robots (x2)- Payload capacity of 700 kg
  • Gripper modules (for preforms and composite parts)


Monitoring process: data acquisition, record and post-treatment

  • Central data acquisition and Archiving of process features
  • In-line inspection/control (preform and part)
  • Measure of energy consumptions


The FAST RTM innovation project

The Fast RTM project is looking to develop new means & equipment to manufacture composite large sized structural parts while meeting aeronautics and automotive industrials’ requirements. The project consortium gathers composite industry stakeholders from the entire value chain from the car manufacturer to the equipment suppliers including composite parts manufacturers and experts. The original intent of this project is to produce dried preforms to feed – RTM - injection processes within the same productivity rate (2 minutes cycle time) and costs.

PINETTE P.E.I. is one of the 10 partners of the IRT M2P : French major industrial players of the automotive industry (RENAULT, FAURECIA & HUTCHINSON) and industrial companies of the composites sector (ARKEMA, CHOMARAT, COMPOSE, HEXION, Institut de Soudure - IS and SISE).

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The JEC group unveiled last week the list of innovation awards winners. PINETTE P.E.I. is proud to be a partner of the IRT M2P for the Fast RTM Platform which received the JEC innovation award 2017...

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