Technical Support and Maintenance


Pinette PEI is with you throughout the life of your equipment. From assistance to maintenance, our experts are here for you to make the most of your Pinette PEI’s machine.


Customer service, machines and systems

Availability: Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00 UTC+2

Tel: +33 (0)3 73 55 05 02


Hotline Subscription maintenance AR PEI

By subscribing to our Hotline contract, you choose to become our team of technicians and specialists’ priority. You will get:

  • Remote connection diagnosis
  • Call priority
  • Troubleshooting assistance priority

Your benefits:

  • Immediate response
  • Time savings

Maintenance contract maintenance contract

We care about your Pinette PEI equipment as much as you do. With our yearly maintenance subscription, you are sure your machines are in experts’ hands.

  • On-site repairs
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • Filter supply and replacement, and oil analysis
  • Priority with Pinette PEI’s technician team
  • Yearly preventive maintenance visit
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Customised maintenance support

Your benefits:

  • Increased use rate
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings

Spare parts Spare parts

As your partner through your machine lifespan, you can be sure to find our experts’ support ensuring their best working order. Moreover, we are constantly monitoring obsolescence in the event of a component breakdown which is no longer maintained.

  • Original quality controlled spare parts
  • Obsolescence watch


Retrofits and Updates retrofit updates

Pinette PEI combines the best of two worlds: the flexibility of human scaled structure, and the expertise in custom engineering production of an international group.

  • Retrofit for compliance with safety standards
  • Update to benefit from latest innovations like HMI control systems
  • Renovation to give your equipment its original performance and extend its lifespan
  • Changeovers and relocations
  • Obsolescence management for expending your equipment lifespan with cost effectiveness


Performance optimisation audit performance audit

Our team of experts can provide you with an audit service to best define optimisation performance approaches like:

  • Improved ergonomics for musculoskeletal disorder reduction
  • Increased performances: better manufacturing profitability (decreased product cost), higher production rate, better product quality

Our experts will take into account your time/cost/quality priority, in order to reach the best return on investment possible.

Performance optimisation servicesoptimisation performance services

Once performance approaches have been identified, we make it happen. Our wide area of expertise enables us to provide you with various performance optimisations:

  • Automation (robotic arms, pick and place, etc.)
  • Active parallelism
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die
  • Peripheral management
  • Process evolution (i.e. from SMC to C-RTM)
  • Machine and performance monitoring
  • Supervision for traceability
  • Heating or cooling system evolution (add a thermal system, switch to thermic oil, etc.) for steeper temperature curves or lower temperature tolerances