As a pioneer in the industry 4.0 revolution, Pinette PEI. has developed a range of digitally enhanced services. Those services will assist you during the various phases of engineering development, operation, and maintenance.

Industry 4.0

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Engineering development: Virtual Reality Project Engineering VR engineering pinette

Our Virtual Reality package empowers you to visualise in 3D and to scale your new piece of equipment during the design and engineering phase. Operation and maintenance ergonomics can be simulated for increased productivity and reduced labour related injuries. Co-engineering is made easier and can involve all the stakeholders. You can start training your operators before your equipment is delivered to you. Finally, it gives you the opportunity to communicate with your teams, partners, customers, etc.

  • 3D and to scale visualisation
  • Design reviews
  • Ergonomics
  • Co-engineering
  • Training
  • Communication


Operations: MyPinette Remote monitoring tablette My Pinette 2

As a pioneer in the industry 4.0 revolution, Pinette PEI. has developed an application which enables you to remotely monitor your Pinette PEI. equipment in real time. Connected to your machine, you can monitor your production and performances, hence improve overall efficiency. Maintenance is also connected; you are notified instantaneously and can monitor breakdowns. You can then immediately solicit assistance through the application.

MyPinette application enables you to connect with your Pinette PEI. equipment for:

    • Better monitor your production
    • Improve efficiency
    • Get performance diagnosis
    • Get equipment alarms through push notifications
    • Log data breakdowns/breakdown historic
    • Solicit assistance




Maintenance: Vision Pack AR maintenance pinettePEI

Pinette PEI.’s Vision Pack is the state-of-the-art in technical support. It eases maintenance procedures through Augmented Reality. In the event of a breakdown, our specialists will guide you step by step. He will project schemes and instructions through the glasses so your technicians can work with both hands. It is like our experts are with you in your workshop: they see what you see in real-time. Thus, downtimes are drastically reduced, so are support costs.

The Vision Pack for maintenance enables you to:

    • Work with both hands
    • Expand Pinette PEI. technical support’s reach
    • Troubleshoot with efficiency
    • Reduce downtimes
    • Minimise support costs
    • Maximise effectiveness
    • Provide best know-how