Training and R&D Services

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Pinette PEI.’s know how is based on more than 150 years of experience in forming machinery and more than 30 years in advanced automation for the production of high-performance composite and alloys parts.

Our fully personalised trainings give you all the keys to master your Pinette PEI. equipment.

Trainings are conducted by our experts in our premises or on your site

Training topics:

  • General training
  • Operator and maintenance technician training
  • Machine maintenance
  • Digital applications

Satisfaction rate in 2022: 89.83%

Production Test Centre & R&D ServicesTest lab

Pinette PEI. offers you preferential access to our in-house and partners’ laboratories. You can realise sample trials with our equipment and processes at your disposal.

Confidentiality is our upmost concern; the sensitivity of your new development is guaranteed.

During your tests, all the process parameters (temperature, pressure, time, etc.) are measured and recorded ensuring repeatability during the production.

During your tests, our team of engineers will assist and advise you, so you can achieve your objective.

By choosing our test centre, you get

  • Confidentiality
  • Wide range of equipment and processes
  • Process parameters (temperature, pressure, time) recording
  • Engineer team to assist you


  • ESC’ PRESS 1500T – platen dimensions: 2500 x 2100 mm
  • Two laboratory 40T presses – 250°C and 450°C
  • Infrared ovens
  • Modern and conventional metrology means
  • And others upon request


  • Consolidation
  • Stamping
  • Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)
  • QSP®
  • And others upon request