An engineering expert serving a large range of industries


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With more than 150 years of experience in forming machinery, 30 years of experience in advanced automation for the production and control of high performance composite parts and 10 years of experience in premium connection testing, Pinette PEI. is proud to serve a large range of industries:


forming line natural fibre polypropylene NFPP pinette peiAfter many projects implemented all around the world, Pinette PEI.'s hydraulic presses and automated press systems have demonstrated their reliability and productivity to manufacture car parts while ensuring best parts quality and short cycle times. Over the years, Pinette PEI. has become an expert supplier of press systems and turnkey production lines for the automotive industry:

  • car interior parts such as carpets, dashboards, door panels ...
  • car exterior parts such as wheel arch housing, bodywork ....
  • others parts such as insulation, clutch plate and brake discs
  • development of new parts

Aeronautics & Aerospace

thermoplastics automated stamping line pinette peiSince the beginning of the 80s, Pinette PEI. has developed a trusted expertise in the aircraft industry serving major actors such Airbus or Daher with hydraulic press systems and assembly means. Our company can provide custom solutions for both composite aircraft parts production and testing solutions. Pinette PEI.'s machinery can be automated, higly automated or manual in order to meet client needs and specifications.

Pinette PEI. also supplies large capacity NDT bench, for both aeronautics and aerospace industries, dynamic stress test bench and full scale control, assembly jigs and integration, machining and dimensional control centers.

Our systems are dedicated to the production and control of composites parts for: 

  • planes
  • helicopters
  • satellites
  • rocketsndt ultra sound test bench pinette pei

Pinette PEI. is a manufacturer and supplier of automated testing equipment dedicated to the aerospace industry, and proposes an expertise in complete assembly and test systems. Then, Pinette PEI. can provide custom solutions for space & satellites test benches, fulfilling every client’s requirements. Our product range includes but is not limited to satellite/launcher interface test benches, qualification test benches for ARIANE 5 feeding pipes or cryogenic engine nozzle test benches.

Oil & Gas

pipe premium connection test benchThe oil & gas industry is our most recent business. However, we already provided more than 10 high-tech equipment for the qualification of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and drilling pipes. The Pinette PEI. test bench is intended for conducting structural testing on seamless casing and tubing Premium connections, metal-to-metal seals and drilling equipment, in compliance with both ISO 13679 and ISO 12835 test requirements.


Other industries

Beside our core expertise in automotive, aeronautics & aerospace and oil & gas, we also design and manufacture production means for several other industries, such as the nuclear, wind power, recycling, leisure, defense, or medical industries. We can deliver machinery fulfilling each single need of our customers, all around the world, based on our deep knowledge and our technical teams.