Solution systems for aeronautics & aerospace composite parts

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Since the creation of aerospace and aeronautics, inventors, engineers, companies and innovators have had to evolve to meet the demands of the global economies, production cost, operational costs, material cost and structural weight management. Through the years companies that have developed more efficient tools, materials, processes and designs have overcome economical struggle and meet technological demand for advancement. These companies flourished, while others were left behind to fail due to their lack of innovation and vision for their industry.

Pinette PEI. is an industrial engineering company that designs and supplies forming, testing, assembly solutions, production lines, customized machines and turnkey plants for the world’s largest groups in the aeronautics and aerospace industries.

Aeronautics composites

In the aircraft and helicopter industries, Pinette PEI. has partnered and developed processes and composite compression equipment for companies that have had the vision and the desire to innovate and advance since the very beginning.

Pinette PEI. was the 1st European company to supply Airbus with thermoplastic stamp forming machines in the mid 1990’s, these new technologies would go one to allow Airbus to develop parts that would reduce weight, increase efficiency and be more cost effective over time.

Aeronautics composites: forming, testing and assembly applications

In the aeronautics industry, Pinette PEI. provides equipment solutions for composite parts forming, testing and assembly:




  • Structural parts
  • Wing panels
  • Leading edge Assembly
  • Leading edges
  • Composite fuselage Assembly 
  • Clips
  • Stiffeners
  • Consolidated plates
  • Preforms
  • Tail rotor blades
  • Main rotor hub plates
  • Rotating parts
  • Turbine blades

Aerospace composites

Pinette PEI. designs, builds and implements testing and assembly equipment for composites structural parts and specific applications for rockets and satellites. Our testing and assembly equipment - automated or manual in order to meet client specifications - are ideal when it comes to work on large scale applications. The versatility of these systems is also tailored to development purposes.

Aerospace composites: testing and assembly applications

In the aerospace industry, Pinette PEI. provides equipment solutions for composite parts testing and assembly:



  • Cylindrical, Conical and Petaloid shaped panels
  • Sylda-Ariane 5 Launching system
  • Nuclear Launchers
  • Cryogenic tank (Structural)
  • Ariane Cryogenic Tanks
  • Civil Rocket Rotating Assembly 
  • Vulcain 2 Engine
  • Vulcain Engine Servo Actuators
  • Cryogenic Pipes