Aircraft composite parts: production, testing and assembly


Pinette PEI. is a leading company in automated forming solutions dedicated to aircraft composite parts production. For over 20 years we have used our expertise in turnkey manufacturing systems to serve the most important companies of the aircraft industry. We can also provide custom solutions for both composite aircraft part control and assembly solutions.

Aircraft composites: forming solutions and applications 

We can process PEI, PPS, PEKK, PEEK, Epoxy, carbon and glass fibers through our large range of machinery, in order to manufacture composite parts for new generation aircrafts, such as for the A380, B787 or the Dassault Rafale fighter.

Pinette PEI. designs and implements production means for structural part production. Pinette PEI.’s machinery can be automated or manual in order to meet client specifications. You can find below a wide range of composites parts associated with their manufacturing technology.


Leading edges RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
Clips TP Stamping
Structural interior parts RTM, Curing
Thermoplastic rotating parts Consolidation
Stiffeners HDF (Hot Drape Forming)
Preforms HDF
TP consolidated plates Consolidation
Honeycomb structural parts Compression & Curing
Turbine blade Hot forming, Consolidation, RTM



Aircraft composites: testing - assembly solutions and applications

Pinette PEI. is also dedicated to provide its clients custom testing and assembly solutions for aircraft composite part applications. You can find below some examples of our customized solutions:


Application Technology
Wing panels NonDestructive Testing (NDT): Ultrasonic Phase Array Technology (UTPA)
Airbus A 380 leading edge Assembly
Airbus A 320 composite fuselage Assembly