Helicopter composite parts production

H160 banniere

Pinette PEI. is a leading company in automated forming solutions dedicated to helicopter composite parts production. For over 15 years, we used our expertise in complete production systems to serve the biggest players in the helicopter industry. We can also provide custom solutions for composite helicopter parts development.

Helicopter composites: forming solutions and applications

We can process PEI, PPS, PEKK, PEEK, Epoxy, carbon and glass fibers through our large range of machinery, in order to manufacture composite parts for new helicopter generation.

Pinette PEI. can provide industrial automated production means for composite components, using either the consolidation, RTM or prepreg curing technology to guarantee you the highest standards. You can find below some examples of composites parts associated with their manufacturing technology.


Main rotor hub plate Prepreg curing
Tail rotor blade RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
Blade Prepreg Curing
Structural parts RTM, Curing


Our production systems for helicopter applications feature:

  • Capacity up to 10,000 kN 
  • From manual to fully automatic systems
  • Process management with dedicated supervision software including a total traceability of the parameters
  • Optional heating units with hot and cold oil for temperature regulation
  • Magnetic clamping tools and tilting upper platen
  • Platens positioning accuracy up to 5/100 mm
  • Temperature homogeneity of 2°C

Furthermore, our technical teams can also design and manufacture laboratory press for R&D applications. These systems have demonstrated their reliability, with an excellent repetitiveness of the parameters processed.

Pinette PEI. has designed and manufactured molds and master models to produce structural parts of the Cabri G2 helicopter, a new generation helicopter from Hélicoptères Guimbal. This light and agile helicopter has an all composite structure and is becoming the best-selling helicopter of its category worldwide, surpassing the R22 of Robinson.