Test Bench solutions dedicated to the aerospace industry

Pinette PEI. is a supplier of automated testing equipment for the aerospace industry. We provide custom engineered test benches for rockets & satellites applications.


Qualification test bench of feeding pipes disconnections for ARIANE 5

Pinette PEI has developed a qualification test bench of ARIANE 5 feeding pipes disconnections. The test bench performs any kinematic simulations of launch you can possibly imagine, as well as limit conditions with programming and data acquisition system.

Position, speed, acceleration and cryogenic temperature simulations are performed to simulate real conditions, with a confirmed availability and reliability at 100%. Thanks to its business strategy of collaborative engineering, Pinette PEI. can deliver the bench in a highly competitive lead time.

VULCAIN 2 cryogenic engine nozzle test bench

Pinette PEI. provides test bench for re-qualification of VULCAIN 2 cryogenic engine nozzle. This system tests the specimen in launching conditions, with simulated nozzle stressing conditions. Its high resistance to acoustic, thermal and vibratory environments, its reliability and perfect availability, and its high speed development scheme make this test bench a mixture of innovation and technology.

Furthermore, Pinette PEI. has designed dynamic stress test bench for the piloting system of VULCAIN cryogenic engine nozzle. By applying antagonistic efforts, the test bench simulates all the efforts being opposed to the direct efforts piloted by servo cylinders.

Ariane 6 composite pressurized tanks test bench 

This static stress testing equipment can apply traction, compression and bending efforts, as well as internal pressure.

  • Cumulated stress possibly applied up to 52,000 kN for a mass of 180 tons
  • Test bench for civil launchers up to a diameter of 4,000 mm and a height of 8,000 mm..

Stress test bench for cryogenic pipes of ARIANE 5

The company has also provided static stress test systems aiming to simulate real temperature and stress conditions for cryogenic alimentation pipes.

This range of test bench can apply:

  • Shearing stress
  • Distributed efforts
  • Internal pressure
  • Deflection and temperature

As for all our aerospace testing means, the reliability and availability are maximized. Furthermore, the design gives the bench a great versatility, which allows it to perform test campaigns with more than 10 configurations. The high rigidity, with overflows applied to the specimen lower than 10% completes the qualities of this incredible testing system.

Satellite/launcher interface test bench

Interstage structure

Pinette PEI supplies 4,000 kN test bench for interstage structure of launcher and satellite / launcher interface.

The test bench can apply stress force up to 500 kN / m for:

  • Traction
  • Compression
  • Flexion

Thanks to its 20 years of use, this system has demonstrated a very high reliability. Furthermore, the experience has shown that the whole system has very low interfering forces and is designed for the best instrumentation accessibility and operations of reconfiguration. Overflows applied to the specimen are lower than 10%.

Composite material tank

Our technical teams can also provide you composite material tank test bench, with capacity up to:

  • 25,000 kN in traction/compression
  • 5,000 kN / m in flexion

This test bench can accept specimen tank with a diameter of 2,500 mm and a height of 6,500 mm, working at the same level of performance than the following testing system.