Automotive composites: car exterior parts production 

pinette - car exterior parts

Pinette PEI. is a designer of large hydraulic press systems for composite car exterior parts production. We are proud to serve tier one suppliers in the automotive industry with our press systems and turnkey solutions. We provide automatic and compact press lines offering optimised performances in terms of cycle times, accuracy, reliability and energy consumption. All our systems are implemented through safety and design rules according to CE, UL, OSHA and GOST regulations.


To provide efficient thermoforming systems for undershield production, Pinette PEI. has designed a fully automatic and configurable production mean.

It is composed of two heating presses with thermo-oil and one cold forming press. The multilayer material, 2 unwinding textiles and 3 matts are folded into two parts by dedicated equipment.

To perform so, the machine is equipped with an unwinding system with cutting, three handling systems for the matts and a conveyor to load the press, combined with 2 IR ovens. The automatic unloading and automatic tool change system allow a cycle time of 30 seconds. To guarantee you the highest productivity, we also implement an automatic process monitoring.

Structural part

Regarding the production of structural auto parts, Pinette PEI. designs and delivers SMC - GMT- BMC - TRE - LFT compression press systems. These systems feature a hydraulic compression press with active leveling control from 20,000 up to 40,000 kN, -optional- automatic loading & unloading solutions and cutting machines. 

Wheel arch housing

To process PP Kenaf (maximum sheet size of 3000 x 2000 mm) in order to produce wheel arch housing, Pinette PEI. proposes a configurable fully automatic thermoforming line, with a 50 seconds cycle time.

The line is composed of a pick-and-place equipment with needle grippers and an aligning station, a transfer table from loading station to IR oven with top and bottom heating elements and a dynamic gripping system to both carry the hot sheet to the cold forming press and control the stretching during forming. The automatic unloading of the finished parts and the fast tool change system, combined with a PLC control of the entire process and safety PEI. guarantees you the best industrial experience.

Engine hood

Pinette PEI. also designs and produces fully automatic lines, processing multilayer fiberglass, impregnate of phenolic resin and non-woven textile to manufacture thermal protection for engines.

The manufacturing line features an unwinding system for glass fiber, another one for non-woven textile and a cutting system for each system. A conveyor belt and a centering device load the hot press for forming and cutting in the most efficient way. The heating is achieved through steam injection. The automatic process monitoring and the automatic tool change allows you to reach a highly competitive process time. We also provide either automatic or manual unloading system, to meet your needs.

We also produce sound insulation felt units, for engine compartment. An unwinding and cutting system with automatic roller change is implemented upstream with the compression trimming press, with capacity up to 4,000 kN. The heating is achieved through steam and hot air injection or electrical resistances. Our products show high productivity, with short cycle and a reduced number of operators, thanks to the automatic unloading and the automation levels. Moreover, forming and trimming are attained in one shot.