Automotive composites: car interior parts production

pinette - car interior parts

Pinette PEI. is a designer of large hydraulic press systems for composite car interior parts production. We are proud to serve tier one suppliers in the automotive industry with our press systems and turnkey solutions. We provide automatic and compact press lines offering optimised performances in terms of cycle times, accuracy, reliability and energy consumption. All our systems are implemented through safety and design rules according to CE, UL, OSHA and GOST regulations.


For dashboard production, we provide our customers multi-station automatic lines for PUR injection in closed mold. This system is equipped with a twin table, allowing a fast tool transfer, to enhance productivity, combined with our best reliability achievements.

Door panel

Pinette PEI. provides NFPP (Natural Fiber Polypropylene) composite door production lines that allow fast production with a one-step compression and covering process. 


For this application Pinette PEI. offers several technologies based on type and structure of raw material, and flat or deep drawing application.

An efficient interior carpet production lines has been developed, using a needle frame system, combined with an assembling design allowing the mold and the frame set being change as a unique tool.

Another processing machine, is equipped with clamping transfer system passing through the heating unit, and a four side clamping set fitted in the press or combined with the molding tool.

This concept is used to control material stretching during both heating and pressing.

Cotton felt carpet

Cotton felt carpet production needs variable density felt deposit. Pinette PEI. provides such automatic lines, with both air flow and blowing systems.

Rear shelf and trunk floor

Rear shelves and floors are produced through a double wall process with metal inserts or air blowing.


Pinette PEI. provides thermoforming lines dedicated to PU headliner production. These fully automated press lines include automatic tool change, loading unloading and process monitoring allowing our customers to reach the fastest cycle times for their manufacturing process.

Inner dash, tunnel

To produce inner dashes and tunnels we use the carpet back foaming technology, in order to process final parts with heavy layer and foam.

Engine hood

We provide short semi-automatic machines with felt and non-woven unwinding or aluminum patch, on request. The steam process creates temperature uniformity inside the material, to generate highly reliable parts, according to your toughest requirements.


Regarding headrests production we provide multistation carousels with PU foam injection in closed molds. This rotative carousel can feature up to 24 stations with manual or automatic mold carriers. The injection machine moved by a 1 axis robot is equipped with a self-cleaning unit. This manufacturing system can produce up to 10,000 parts per day.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation sandwiches production is achieved through PU foaming in a heavy layer sound insulation sandwiches production line. Multi-station carrousel or multi-station fixed mold carrier for PU foaming injection are implemented for EPDM heavy layers or compressed felt for car interior.

We provide a new range of electrical mold carriers which are smooth, silent during working, versatile and operator friendly. Moreover, our equipment needs low and cost-effective maintenance, is very reliable and in accordance with CE regulations. Modular design and full command integration allow our product to reach a rate of up to 2500 parts a day in shift work.