pinette pei - energy and environnement

Nuclear industry: waste compacting systems

For the nuclear industry, we provide hydraulic compacting presses for nuclear waste treatment and customized devices (crushing & shearing units) for nuclear plant equipment manufacturers and integrators. This kind of press aims to shrink the low activity nuclear waste volume and to automatically clamp the waste tank.

Wind power industry: PVC foam curing lines for turbine blades

For the wind power industry, Pinette PEI. designs and builds complete production lines for the curing of PVC foam. This PVC foam is then used as the core material for wind turbines blades. These turnkey complete lines include hydraulic presses, advanced tooling, material handling systems and a powerful heating / cooling device.

Environment - Recycling industry: waste extrusion system

For the waste recycling industry, Pinette PEI. has designed extrusion systems for waste sorting that perform very high compression at high pressure, facilitating waste treatment.