Nuclear industry: waste compacting systems

For the nuclear industry, we provide hydraulic compacting presses for nuclear waste treatment and customized devices (crushing & shearing units) for nuclear plant equipment manufacturers and integrators. This kind of press aims to shrink the low activity nuclear waste volume and to automatically clamp the waste tank.


Compacting press for nuclear wastes

The compacting press, driven by our proprietary PLC, is composed of:

  • A 250 kN hydraulic vertical press
  • An automatic compacting system, optimizing the waste quantity
  • An automatic clamping system for the tank
  • A closing vessel with fan, to avoid dust

The whole system is set in a controlled area, according to every single nuclear standard. Several machines are actually used in French nuclear power plants.

Pinette PEI. can also design and deliver custom engineered crushing & shearing units.

Pinette PEI. also participates to research programs for innovative NDT solutions and provides heavy test benches, which can apply traction, compression and bending (from 1,000 to 48,000 kN).