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Naval industry: progressive forming

For the naval industry, Pinette PEI. designs and manufactures high tonnage press for forming and straightening vessel hull.

Forming press line for thermal & electrical insulating sheets

Pinette PEI. provides forming lines dedicated to the production of composite sheets for thermal & electrical insulation. The finished parts are composed of layers from fiberglass mat & thermoset resins.

Sheet metal working industry

For the sheet metal working industry, Pinette PEI acts under the Jean Perrot Industries (JPI) trademark. JPI designs and manufactures sheet metal and steel profile machinery, including press brakes, guillotine shears and rolling machines.

Production lines for defense applications

For the defense industry, PINETTE PEI. manufactures production lines for personal body protection inserts and shield plates for armored vehicles.

Medical industry: composite prostheses

For the medical industry, Pinette PEI.  is a supplier of custom engineered laboratory presses to produce composite prostheses in clean room environment.

Sugar cane industry: sugar analysis

For the sugar cane industry, Pinette PEI. provides laboratory press series with capacity from 125 kN up to 700 kN for sucrose determination.

Leisure industry: composite kayaks

For the leisure industry, Pinette PEI. provides thermoforming lines dedicated to composite kayak production in particular.

Railway industry: rails and wheelsets

For the railway industry, Pinette PEI. supplies hydraulic press systems for bending and straightening rails, strength mechanical testing of rail welded seams and wheelset assembly.