Forming press line for thermal & electrical insulating sheets

Pinette PEI. provides forming lines dedicated to the production of composite sheets for thermal & electrical insulation. The finished parts are composed of layers from fiberglass mat & thermoset resins.

composite insulating plate manufacuring system


This turnkey manufacturing system can produce variable sheet sizes. It consists in different automatic modules: glass fiber cutting, glass fiber layup with resin spraying, material loading, forming, unloading & trimming. Our forming line solution can be composed of:

electrical insulation fiberglass insulating sheets

  • Automated or manual unwinding system
  • Cutting unit
  • Spraying table & related system
  • Handling by robot with manual or automated control
  • Hydraulic press with heating platens
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Electrical cabinet
  • System run by PLC
  • Data Acquisition System (HMI supervision)
  • Automated or manual unloading system
  • Trimming systemthermal insulation insulating sheet production


As an industrial engineering company, Pinette PEI can design and offer you custom engineered solutions. If you plan to produce composite sheets dedicated to thermal or electrical insulation, do not hesitate to contact us for a specific quotation.