Leisure industry: composite kayaks

For the leisure industry, Pinette PEI. provides thermoforming lines dedicated to composite kayak production in particular.

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There are two main kinds of materials used to make a kayak: plastics or composites (fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar).

Different Materials for Different Types of Kayaking

When white-water, recreational and most other forms of kayaking other than sea kayaking or kayak touring, kayak materials are simply plastic. However, when people want to do sea kayaking or kayak touring there are different options among which fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar is used in the production kayaks.

Pinette PEI provides automatic manufacturing line for the second category high performance composite kayaks.

Automatic production line for composite kayaks

This full-automatic production line combines high productivity, high percentage of uptime and high efficiency, thanks to components only from first-class international brands. The thermoforming line, using the twin-sheet process is composed of:

• Sheet loading station (maximum sheet size 1850 x 5020 mm)
• Preparation table
• Sheet pick and place station
• Sheets heating source: IR oven
• Foaming press (capacity up to 250T)
• Automatic unloading table