Medical industry: composite prostheses

For the medical industry, Pinette PEI.  is a supplier of custom engineered laboratory presses to produce composite prostheses in clean room environment.

pinette pei - medical industries

Medical prostheses: All electric laboratory press for clean rooms

We are proud to serve the medical research industry and its high standards. Find below one example of all electric laboratory press dedicated to composite prosthesis implanted in the hip area:

  • Adjustable closing force 0.5 to 75 kN
  • Opening force 7 kN
  • Heating / cooling platens size 350 x 250 mm
  • Total Stroke 300 mm
  • Maximum temperature 450°C (electric resistance)
  • Electric power for heating 20 kW
  • Fast closing speed 10 mm/s
  • Slow opening speed 1 mm/s
  • Fast opening speed 10 mm/s
  • Width 600 mm
  • Depth 650 mm
  • Height 1800 mm
  • Weight of press (alone) 700 kg