Railway industry: rails and wheelsets

For the railway industry, Pinette PEI. supplies hydraulic press systems for bending and straightening rails, strength mechanical testing of rail welded seams and wheelset assembly.

pinette pei - railway industries

Rail bending and straightening press

Pinette PEI. supplies hydraulic press systems for rail bending and straightening without tool changes and without returning the rails during the operations.


  • Welded butt-joint rails

Press features:

  • 1,500 kN capacity hydraulic horizontal press
  • C-frame press structure
  • Automatic system to move up and down the straightening tools
  • Computer control of the bending force to reduce cycle time and improve the quality
  • Heavy weight press frame structure to avoid pit use

Press for strength mechanical testing of rail welded seams

We provide hydraulic press solutions to control the mechanical strength of welded seams up to the breaking point.


  • Welded butt-joint rails

Press features:

  • 2,500 kN capacity hydraulic vertical press
  • Force vs movement (displacement) recording to compare with the master graph (standard calibration graph)
  • Computer control with data acquisition system
  • Hydraulic power pack and electrical cabinet installed on the press skid (easy use & maintenance)

Hydraulic press for wheelset assembly

Pinette PEI. is also a supplier of hydraulic press to assemble and disassemble wheelsets of rolling stock. These presses can be used either in assembly and maintenance workshops including the bullet trains (high speed trains). These presses can be equipped with one or two mounting cylinders. The version with 2 cylinders will allow the mounting with one set up.

Mounting & Dismounting Applications:

  • Wheels
  • Pinion gears
  • Brake discs

Press features:

  • Strong welded construction frames, accurate, reliable suited for bullet train wheel sets
  • Measuring station and computer control (with fitting report for each mounting operation)
  • Report based on graphs showing force versus position
  • PLC controlled
  • Crane or trolley for wheelsets loading and unloading
  • Fitting force up to 6,000 kN
  • Press design optimized for passengers and freight wheelsets