Sheet metal working industry

For the sheet metal working industry, Pinette PEI acts under the Jean Perrot Industries (JPI) trademark. JPI designs and manufactures sheet metal and steel profile machinery, including press brakes, guillotine shears and rolling machines.

sheet metal working machinery

The company combines the flexibility of a human scaled structure and the expertise in custom engineered production systems of an international group. JPI provides after sales services, tele-assistance, on site services and retrofitting experience.

Sheet Metal Working Machinery

pinette - sheet metal working machinery tandemFrom conventional machines to state-of-the-art production systems, JPI manufactures:

  • Hydraulic synchronized press brake with capacity up to 20,000 kN
  • Hydraulic variable rake CNC guillotine shears for high cutting volume
  • Plasma cutting machines and section benders for profiles and tubes.

The JPI sheet metal machinery can adapt easily to your production requirements, thanks to its modular design and high efficiency, trusted by our customers.


A complete range of tools are available for your Jean Perrot Industries press brake:

  • PERROT standard range
  • EURO range
  • WILA range
  • Most press brake brands
  • Customized tools for specific applications

JPI is also able to supply blades of most shear brands on the market for your guillotines shear.



pinette - perrot logoThe Jean Perrot Industries MANEO PREMIUM LCS press brake that features a state-of-the-art laser control system has won over the jury committee of the 2015 TOLEXPO innovation award.

Launched in January 2015, the MANEO PREMIUM LCS press brakes are equipped with a high speed bend angle and correction system. This system patented by Pinette Emidecau Industries, owner of the Jean Perrot brand, is recommended for robotized bending cells and high precision and productivity and productivity bending.

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